Introducing Design Terminal’s Techlab Guiding early stage tech startups towards Product-Market Fit

What do we offer?

We provide a 4-month-long intense mentorship-driven program with an amazing network of partners and mentors, free office space, plus further perks to get your startup ready for top-tier accelerators or investors.

Oh, one more thing: we don’t take equity.

Workshops, classes

Our workshops and classes cover the most important aspects of building a startup from scratch. You will learn new skills and frameworks to make you a more effective founder.


Startups who reach ‘investor-ready’ stage will get access to introductions to our network of accelerators and seed investors.

Mentor session

Take advantage of our local and international network of experts. We work with +100 top-notch mentors who provide office hours and hands on help to our teams.


Our best program alumni will have the chance to participate in international trade shows or study trips to discover Silicon Valley or other matured tech ecosystems.

Living Stipend

To help you cover your living costs we provide a limited number of living stipends for full-time founders whose companies are pre-revenue.

Our amazing partners offer additional perks such as hosting credit and other company services. Check them out here.

Our program bridges the gap from idea to execution

Get access to a wealth of connections, experience and benefits, all laser-focused on iterating your product and business model.
Our amazing mentors and partners will help you when you are stuck and need a fresh perspective. Surrounded by a group of like-minded talented entrepreneurs, you will thrive in our collaborative and supportive environment. Share your stories and learn from each others' mistakes so you can make fewer of your own.

Who should apply?

We are looking for super early stage teams and motivated founders who want to turn their ideas into a sustainable, repeatable and scalable business.

Apply now if your startup is...

Working in tech. We focus on high growth potential, scalable businesses. Web and mobile technologies, SaaS, e-commerce, marketplaces are welcome. Can be B2B or B2C (or B2B2C).

Between the idea and Product-Market Fit. We are open for startups at the earliest stage. You don’t need to have a legal entity, a working prototype or customers to be eligible.

Aspiring to go global. We care about initiatives with a global mindset. You need to be oriented toward solving huge cultural and geo agnostic problems.

And your team is...

Highly committed. Although not a strict requirement, it is a huge advantage if your team can work full time on your business during the program.

Complementary. Your team members must have the right blend of skills and experience that make you capable of building your product and scaling the business. Ideally your core team should include business, design, and engineering talent.

Willing to experiment. We appreciate teams with an open mindset, willingness to fail and who are ready to test different ideas rapidly and pivot if necessary. Your team should be passionate about solving a problem, but not in a specific way to do it.

Left to apply
before 09 August, 2016


  • 7 June

    Application Starts We will launch our website and include our online application, as well as the latest details and up-to-date information about the program. During the application period we will provide personal consultation possibilities.

  • 9 August

    Application deadline Once the applications are submitted, we will review them and reach out to select teams and get to know the founders. The top teams advance to the Selection Camp.

  • 15 August

    Notifications of shortlisted teams We notify all applicants about the result. Some of you will be selected to be part of the Selection Camp.

  • 29 August- 2 September

    Selection Camp Once the applications are submitted, we will review them and reach out to select teams and get to know the founders. The top teams advance to the Selection Camp.

  • 8 September

    Kick-off event

  • 12 September

    Program launches Official launch date for the program. Office space and monthly stipend start from here. We start the first mentor sessions, trainings and workshops .Office space and the monthly stipend starts from here.

  • SEPT- OCT.

    Phase I: Research, visionResearch phase Evaluation of the current state of the business, definition of goals, researching current and potential customers and the market environment.

  • OCT.-NOV

    Phase II. : Branding/marketingDevelopment phase Development of business model, communications plan and sales strategy, organizational development, development of brand image elements, communications strategy, marketing and PR strategy.


    Phase III: Business plan and financial modelingOrganizational and business development Team building, workflow, solving business development and communications issues, sales workflow, 1-3 year business plan, presentation training.


    Phase IV: Action plan Summary phase: fine-tuning existing difficulties, summarizing acquired skills and program takeaways, feedback.

  • 19 JANUARY

    Demo Day Startups will present their progress at the end of the 6 months in front of an audience of our investor and accelerator partners.

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Design Terminal's Consultation Program offers free sessions with our key mentors. Apply by filling out the form below and share the biggest challenges that you are currently facing. We will match you with experts who will guide you to useful insights and potential solutions during 60-90 minute sessions.

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Team & mentors

Together, we have experience working with some of the biggest startups to come out of Hungary, as well as multinationals and corporate giants, failed startups, incubators and accelerators.


We are privileged to work with a stellar group of mentors who are truly experts in their fields. Our mentor pool consists of professionals across 3 continents and covers everything from business development to product development.

View 73 great mentors



Blackbox is multinational tech startup founded in 2015 aiming for the reintroduction of verbal agreements. The Blackbox application allows its users to conveniently make verbal agreements with a level of security comparable to written contracts. Secured by strong cryptography, agreements are stored in a cloud system and can be retrieved and verified by any participant of the recording. Cryptographic signing replaces the hand-written signatures and provides for verified users proof of authenticity that should even hold up in court in case.

Time is essential following natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or tsunamis. DroneIQ is platform that helps search and rescue teams to easily create, organize and share images, videos, maps and 3D scans taken at disaster areas.


Why do we use printed textbooks the same way as 50 years ago? A cloud-based, digital content authoring platform could make digital product development cheaper and easier for publishers. Digital content across all platforms, including supplementary content for the print textbooks, could be sold bundled with the printed textbook. Offering publishers analytics of user data would allow for a more iterative product development and hence later editions would address students’ real problems.

We provide „on demand automated video interviewing” for HR professionals and companies. Three simple steps: 1. The company creates an account on our website and registers their questions. 2. The company sends the automatically created link to the candidate. 3. The candidate video records the responses and the company can check the answer whenever it's the most convenient for them.

Laborom is a patient-centric free application and web service for organizing medical-records and human vital signs. Laborom Connect is a SaaS where clinics can connect to their patients. Clinics and their doctors have access to their patients’ complete medical history, which saves them valuable time and helps them provide a more personalized service. Overall, clinics can have a stronger relationship with their clients – more retention, more visits, higher satisfaction. Laborom was chosen by 80 000 patients so far from 198 countries, the app is available in 12 languages. is the most elaborate platform for League of Legends coaching. We connect coaches and gamers, providing them great opportunities to grow and become more and more professional. Our platform is a multi-tool which contains a replay panel with visualised instructions and has an easily accessible mapping solution. It enables the users and the coaches to analyze replays of the matches very easily by using points of interest tracking function.


tryFruit helps college-educated people who are dissatisfied with their current salary or job options to learn web development technologies and get an IT job. They can achieve this online, in their own pace, in a very efficient hands-on manner. Our system is scalable: mostly automated and easily translated to different languages. We also offer less automated features such as code mentoring, as premium features.

Values We share

We listen
We listen because listening opens us up to learn. We listen to each other, to our users and customers. We respond to what we hear instead of just talking at each other.
We strive to learn
We want to get better at whatever we do, so we want to learn. We learn by doing, by accepting and valuing feedback. Whether from users on our product or from our fellows in the program or whomever we’re getting it from. We do stuff and then reflect upon it periodically.
We embrace transparency
We share our thought process and rationale behind aspects of the program design, and hold ourselves accountable to the same standards we expect from the teams.
We build together
We value each others’ individual skills and contributions. We express this by accepting every idea without judgment. We offer each other ideas, questions, solutions and feedback. We build from the stuff we collaboratively bring to the table. Saying “Yes! And...”
We are (com)passionate
We can endure The Struggle. We support each other and build each other up. We fight for what drives us and want to change the world for the better.
We stretch
We embrace every opportunity to step outside of our comfort zones because we know that’s where we can grow. We support each other in taking these steps because we know we can get much further together.
We fail gracefully...but we don’t give up
We let ourselves fail and do so gracefully. We support each other in failing because we know it’s unavoidable when you do something new, and it’s a source for learning. And when we learn, we get smarter, and perform better the next time.
Left to apply
before 09 August, 2016

Techlab is part of Design Terminal's Incubation Program created to foster enterpreneurship and economic growth in 3 focus areas,
tech, city and design. We believe that diversity is conducive to innovation and creativity so we encourage synergies and peer-to-peer learning between our chosen verticals:

About Design Terminal

Design Terminal is the national center for creative industries in Budapest, Hungary. With the stimulation of innovative technologies, industrial design, fashion and urbanism, our mission is to support value-added local enterprises reaching the global marketplace. In 2014 Design Terminal was awarded with the European Enterprise Promotion Awards for its successful and creative projects to stimulate Hungarian enterprises.


We have amazing partners on board and they help us create the right environment that supports startups to thrive.