Zoltan Piroska

Zoltan Piroska

CEO at Secret Sauce Partners

Zoltan is a serial entrepreneur with six startups under his belt. He is co-founder and CEO of Secret Sauce Partners, an experienced team of start-up entrepreneurs and engineers who developed a unique methodology to uncover under-served needs in large, proven markets, enabling them to develop game-changing solutions. Most recently he founded Greener One, a point-of-purchase eco-ratings service for mainstream consumer products. He also served as Director of Operations for CyberCash, where he managed the company's online payment service. He co-founded two startups while still at university, including USMall, Inc., which owned some of the most successful web sites in the mid 1990s as well as Agri-Marketing Group, a food commodity trading firm. Zoltan will advice the teams in topics like Business Development, Sales, Product Management, Customer and Market Research, Legal & Financing and E-Commerce.

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before 09 August, 2016


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