Terms of Use

Terms of use

Design Terminal National Center for Creative Industries (1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 11.) (hereinafter Design Terminal) is the owner and operator of the techlab.designterminal.hu website (hereinafter Website).


The objective of the Website is to provide the public with information regarding the program titled “TechLab”, in which early stage technology businesses (hereinafter Users) may apply for participation in an incubation program for the duration of six months. Applications to the program are submitted via the completion of an online form available on the Website (hereinafter Application Materials). By visiting and browsing the Website, the User accepts the terms governing operation of the Website as set out below.


Design Terminal’s Copyrights


All past, present and future content of the Website, including but not limited to all applicable software in any form, the structure and implementation of the website, texts, images, photographs, illustrations, compilations, audio and video materials, works of art, graphic design materials, podcasts, advertising materials, databases, owners’ information, all elements of the website which may be under copyright protection (including source and object codes) and all other materials which may be tied in any way to Design Terminal, the website service itself, the structure, assortment and series of elements within that website service, the main characteristics of the website structure, every trademark, copyrighted service, company name, logo, domain name, patent and all intellectual property (hereinafter, individually and comprehensively, the Content) is under copyright protection and represents sole property of Design Terminal.


We provide the website solely for non-commercial, non-exclusive, limited personal use and its use for any other purposes without Design Terminal’s prior written consent is prohibited. The User agrees to comply with any and all copyright stipulations, information and restrictions published on any part of the Website. The User may not change, delete or obscure any copyright, trademark, patent or similar indication on the Website, including here the cases of downloadable, forwarded, presented, printed or in any other way reproduced materials.


Design Terminal provides Users a restricted, personal, non-exclusive, non-commercial, revokable, non-transferable license to view one single copy of the Content (excluding source and object codes) that is in general publicly available on the Website service, under the following conditions: (i) the User shall preserve all trademarks, notices of copyrights or property rights contained in the original Content or any User-created copy thereof contains, (ii) the User shall not allow, assist or abet any third party (with or without any intent to achieve personal gain) to copy or modify the object code, HTML, JavaScript or any other code of any software related to the Website; to recreate, reverse engineer, modify or attempt to decompile the source code of any part of the Website service or that of any software, product or process available via the Website service, and (iii) the User shall not attempt to insert any code or product to manipulate the Content in any manner which affects the user experience to any extent.


The User (or any third party acting on their behalf) is not authorized to reorganize, modify, switch, make public, transfer, publish, republish, circulate, broadcast, sell, rent, let or upload the Content, or to use it for the creation of derivative materials for commercial purposes or in any other way. Prohibited or unlawful use of any Content is strictly forbidden and shall result in the commencement of civil and criminal proceedings as stipulated by applicable legislation.


Design Terminal reserves the right to modify or terminate any element of Content on the Website or to modify the appearance, content or operation of any of the former without prior notice.


Users’ Copyrights


With the use of the Website, the User shares Application Materials with Design Terminal. By sharing these Application Materials, User gives Design Terminal an exclusive and royalty-free permission of use, transferrable to third parties, unrestricted in space or time, with the purpose of allowing Design Terminal to evaluate the Application Materials.




The Service Provider shall not be liable for any failures stemming from reasons outside their purview (vis maior), including but not limited to technical failures or lapses of the internet network, technical malfunctions or breaks of any kind, behaviors that may compromise the security of information systems, destructive applications or programs inserted by others (for example: viruses, worms, macros or hacking activities).


Modification of Terms of Use


Design Terminal reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use unilaterally, at any time, under the condition that Users are notified of any such modifications on the Website. By browsing the Website subsequent to the modifications, User accepts the modified Terms of Use.


Governing Law

Hungarian law shall apply as governing law for these Terms and Conditions.



Left to apply
before 09 August, 2016


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